Our events are designed to celebrate the diverse interests and passions of our community, offering something for everyone. From informative workshops to lively panel discussions, from networking opportunities to art exhibitions, our calendar is constantly abuzz with exciting happenings.

What sets SEESAW's events apart is our commitment to collaboration. We believe that the best ideas come from a collective effort, which is why we actively involve our members in the event creation process. By listening to your suggestions, interests, and expertise, we ensure that each event truly reflects the vibrant spirit of our community. Whether you are a long-standing member or someone new to the SEESAW family, our events offer you a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, expand your knowledge, and discover new horizons. 

SEESAW's events also extend their reach beyond our immediate community. We embrace the opportunity to collaborate with external partners, inviting industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators to join us in delivering enriching experiences. This ensures a diverse range of perspectives, stimulating conversations, and opportunities for mutual learning that go beyond our walls.

So, whether you're looking to broaden your network, gain new skills, or simply engage with an incredible community, SEESAW's events are here to make it happen. We invite you to explore our dynamic programme, mark your calendars, and join us!

Hsligne Dreamz - Ted Bain-Smith Exhibition

Drawing and the enjoyment that comes from making something is the main driving force behind Ted Bain’s art. He makes art to timeframe his existence, each piece has been made in a specific time of his life and therefore reflects that place and emotion. He doesn’t tend to go forward with planned out ideas, instead experimenting to see what works and goes with the flow.
“At the end of the day I’m just a guy trying to figure out a complex puzzle and I don’t even have all the pieces, if people are able to enjoy my art along the way that’s a bonus.”

Ted Bain will be holding an exhibition at SEESAW, which will launch on July 19th. The exhibition will run until August 15th, available to view during the cafe opening hours - Monday to Friday 8:30am-4pm.

Friday 19th July

GROW TOGETHER: Pricking out & potting on workshop

Come on down for the second instalment of Grow Together, an informally guided growing workshop which is suitable for anyone interested in trying their hand at any of the steps involved in growing a plant from seed!

We'll be following on from the first instalment where the seeds were sown, by pricking out our young seedlings. Pricking out involves separating young seedlings from one another once they've got their first two sets of true leaves (The leaves that are characteristic of it's mature form) & potting them in a fresh new pot to call their own.

If you didn't attend the first workshop not to worry! We've sown additional seeds for anyone that would like to join from this point.

Thursday 1st August


Sculpt & Sip: Evening Pottery Painting

Join us for a fun and creative evening at our Evening Pottery Painting Workshop! Get your hands dirty and unleash your inner artist as you enjoy the mindful process of painting your own pottery masterpiece.

During the workshop, you'll have the chance to choose from a variety of pottery pieces, including mugs, plates, and vases. We will provide you with all the necessary materials and guidance to bring your creativity to life. Whether you're looking for a unique date night idea, a fun outing with friends, or simply a relaxing evening of self-expression, our Evening Pottery Painting Workshop is the perfect choice. Unwind, connect with your artistic side, and enjoy a memorable experience in a friendly and laid-back atmosphere.

Friday 2nd August


Make A Face With Me - Eve Gittins

Back again for another round of make a face with me!

Learn the basics of paper mache mask making with me in this playful beginner's workshop - everyone is welcome. By the end of the night you'll have a decorative mask you can terrify your friends with. 

The workshop will take place within SEESAW where alcoholic beverages and soft drinks can be purchased from the bar throughout the evening.

Friday 9th August


An Introduction to Home Brewing

Join us in the evening of Monday the 19th for an introduction to home brewing, brought to you by Red Bank Coffee.

One coffee, three ways! In this session we will sample each coffee and discuss how different brewing processes affect the way coffee tastes. Our host, Bee, will also demonstrate step-by-step how to brew with your equipment, whether it's V60, aeropress, or cafetiere.

This event is totally free and absolutely beginner friendly, an opportunity for everyone to understand and get excited about coffee!

Monday 19th August


Other People's Poetry

A Spoken word evening, a little differently. Artists from around Manchester will be performing poetry that has inspired their creative process, sharing their passion and context for their works whilst performing other people's poetry.

This event is hosted collaboratively by Joseph Conway and SEESAW. Other People's Poetry will be recurring on every third Tuesday of the Month.

The event is a Pay What You Can Event; this ticket fee is to pay the artists and all money paid will be distributed evenly between all performers.

The bar will be open, do buy a refreshment to support the venue!

Doors open 6:30pm

Event Start 7pm



Tuesday 20th August

Queerly Made Market: Pride Special

- Stalls from local queer artists selling artworks and crafts

- Pop-up outreach stall with the LGBT Foundation 

- Baked Goods Sold & Raffle for the LGBT Foundation

- Guest Espresso from We Are Here Coffee

- Exhibiting Queer Artist in the Cafe space

Add £1 to your order at the Cafe for the LGBT Foundation!

Free Entry, no ticket required.

11am - 4pm

Friday 23rd August - Free Entry

AfroSocial - Take the Leap

“AfroSocial” is growing creative and professional community, we hold monthly networking events throughout Manchester with an Afro twist.

We believe in building meaningful connections and advancing careers through a social medium.

The goal of the "Black Creatives Networking" event is to provide Manchester-based Black creatives with the motivation, resources, and connections they need to create lasting connections.

In addition, the Q&A and panel discussions will provide them with the knowledge they need to take the risk and follow their creative ambitions while juggling employment.

Discussion Panel, Performances and Art

Thursday 5th September


Class Bento Workshops

We have a great community of creatives who work here in SEESAW, one of them being Class Bento; a workshop advertising site for artists. 

We're teaming up to bring you a programme of workshops that are more accessible for people, to improve their social and mental wellbeing. 

We're bringing you a fully curated schedule of great workshops right here at SEESAW from local artists, makers and workshop facilitators. From Dumpling Making to UV Painting, there will be something for everyone!

Every Month!


SHADE Yoga Club

Come escape the hustle and join us for our weekly yoga club meet-up and discover how transformative the power of yoga has on dealing with stress in a supportive and welcoming community! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your journey, our meet-ups offer something for everyone. Immerse yourself in an hour of mindful movement, guided by experienced instructors who will help you deepen your practice and explore new techniques.

Every Wednesday


Catalog Pop-up: A Bookshop on Wheels

Pete from Catalog will be parking his book bicycle in SEESAW's Foyer Area. Catalog is a mobile independent bookshop where quality is valued over quantity. A speciality magazine space with a focus on high-quality publications of both local and international magazines and books.

Treat yourself, grab a read and a coffee - warm out of the rain.

Catalog will be matching the coffee shop opening hours of 8:30am-4pm.

Every Wednesday and Thursday